Frameless Glass Doors

Sliding and Stacking

A frameless glass sliding and stacking door is perfect for enclosing a balcony or entertainment area, and could be used in any area where a folding door would normally be used. The doors offer un-interrupted views when closed, and virtually 100% aperture when open. Weather proof and robust, our door systems have been extensively tested by structural engineers and have been subjected to the SABS test rig on many an occasion. The frameless systems are adaptable to 90 degree corners, segmented curves and S-bends to suit the most demanding design. Sliding and stacking glass wall systems have been our flagship product for many years, with a wide range of systems at our finger tips we will have a system to meet your requirements and budget.

Internal and external ‘frameless’ hinged doors

A stunning feature to flaunt the beauty within a room or as an entrance door. These doors will minimise the impact a framed door would normally have on the view, be it into or out of a room, while providing an excellent weather seal. With a wide variety of hardware and glass in many finishes the doors can be customized to suit your style.

Sliding and Stacking

Perfect as a partition between rooms or as a wind break on a balcony or patio. Discreet but tough track and hardware systems allow for the maximum amount of glass, while still providing supreme strength and lifespan. Various locking and handle options are available in a wide variety of finishes. Sandblasted, matt finish, or printed glass can add the final detail.